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Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a wonderful fragrance throughout the entire day? Even if you have a strong scent, you might consider increasing the duration of its lasting effect. Some scent notes wane out quickly; even higher concentration does not help. This is probably due to the wrong selection of perfume or an incorrect application method. Well, reapplying can be a hassle; moreover, carrying perfume bottles in little bags is not possible, not to mention the danger of fragile bottles getting damaged while on the way. 

However, we have a piece of good news for you! You don't have to worry about the fragrance that vanishes when you leave your home. Most people are unaware of the existence of the best optimal methods for applying a fragrance which contribute to the prolonged endurance of a perfume. 

Here are the tips to make to enhance the longevity of your perfume and smell good all day long.


An apt selection of aroma

It is interesting to note that the path to a perfume that lingers longer begins even before you apply it. To enjoy a scent that stays vibrant all day requires careful choice to ensure the fragrance connects well with your skin and sets in. Try Atomic Rose from Initio Parfums to enjoy a long-lasting base note.

Perfumes come in various forms depending on the concentration. Some labelled as eau de parfum are more concentrated than the ones with eau de toilette labels. Perfumes of the category eau de cologne have the least concentration of them all. So the first step to choosing a perfume that stays with you all day is to pick one with a greater concentration of ingredients. At Scent Samplers, you will find a perfect choice for your perfume wardrobe. 


Apply fragrance right after taking a shower

After a shower is a perfect time to apply perfume because your body is clean, smooth and highly active to respond to a fragrance by accepting it. Don't forget to dry yourself off before proceeding.


Hydrate your skin in advance

Hydrated skin is more receptive to a fragrance than dry skin. Dry skin lets the perfume evaporate very quickly. So, the tip is to apply a moisturizer or a body lotion beforehand; it can help your perfume last longer by locking the fragrance in.

If you want to retain the original smell of your perfume then apply unscented moisturisers. Otherwise, layering your fragrance with lotion that smells like coconut is an excellent idea, as the lotion scent blends with the perfume perfectly.


Spray on bare skin

Avoid letting fabric and clotting obstruct your fragrance. The perfume smells the finest and lasts longer when it can blend with your skin's natural oils.


Administer onto your pulse points

There are numerous ways to apply perfumes effectively, yet a notably effective and well-known approach is to target pulse points. Perfumes respond to warmth as it activates them, thus aiding them in releasing aroma all day long. Spritz your fragrance onto your wrists, the back of your neck, elbows, behind ears or the back of your knees. These are the heat points where blood vessels reside closer to the skin, thus activating perfume to release a scent.


No wrist rubbing after application

It is a common practice, however a misconception, to rub wrists together after applying perfume to them. It works against you; rubbing the wrists breaks the chemical components of a perfume, disturbing the chemical balance of ingredients and thus burning away the top notes. 

If you need to dry the mist, try applying perfume from a bit farther. Use the trick in your application to make perfume last longer.


Fragrance bath: Mist hair and Clothing

In addition to applying perfume on heat points, applying the scent to clothes and hairbrush before brushing is an effective way to help you smell good for more hours. Once sprayed with perfume, clothes tend to release scent until they are washed. It is a very common observation that we guess accents from clothes placed nearby. In the same way, sprayed hair gives off a wave of fresh smell from time to time during the day. Imagine smelling fresh for the whole day.


Proper storage: Take care of your fragrance

Placing your perfumes where they are easier to reach is very tempting. There are better excuses to use while finding the right place to store your perfume. Instead, keep in mind that bright light, heat or humidity are actually the crucial factors as they speed up the process of expiration. Store your perfume in its authentic smell and essence somewhere cool and dark, such as a drawer, cupboard or vanity. After use, you can put your perfume in its original box; that is certainly okay.

Sealing it off tightly after every use is another tip to prevent any leakage or alteration in the components’ balance.


Mind the expiry dates

Never ignore the expiry dates of your perfumes. Nor use them after they expire, which can cause allergic reactions for your skin and sinuses. Also, the expiry date is mentioned with the purpose of reminding you that the perfume would no longer have the same smell, or it may even smell bad then. 

Thus, try to buy perfumes that do not expire quickly so that they always smell best and last longer whenever you apply them.


Layering is the key

Fragrance layering is the new trend that helps your scent last longer. Applying body lotion, beauty products or hair mist with the same scent as that of your perfume enhances the aroma-releasing effect of the perfume. Brands have also started offering a pair of perfume and other products in the same scent.


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