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Baccarat Rouge 540: A Fragrance Suitable for Any Season

Fragrances have been used to make a fashion statement for centuries. Before that, they also served a medicinal purpose due to their therapeutic properties. Consequently,  fragrances started to shape mood, ulplift spirit and boost confidence. Below is a tale of one of the most renowned fragrances that stand out and leave an impression of grandeur and luxury.

A fragrance that everyone likes sounds like a dream. Maison Francis Kurkdjian turned this dream into reality by launching Baccarat Rouge 540 in 2015, the brand's most sought-after and best-selling fragrance. The enchanting scent is anything but ordinary and is a favourite among many, including famous figures. 

Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge was launched on the 250th anniversary of the crystal house, Baccarat. According to the perfumer Francis Kurkdijan, the scent was crafted following a short recipe with few ingredients. Baccarat Rouge evokes a sensation resembling the melding of a crystal with 24-carat gold powder, reaching a harmonious blend at 540-degree Celsius, resulting in a glowy red appearance hence named Baccarat Rouge - the red gold, precisely the shade of crystal house.

A Fragrance For Every Season

We often associate fragrance families with specific seasons. The fact that Baccarat Rouge 540 fits in all fragrance categories (oriental, floral, woody and gourmand) makes it wearable in all seasons. The fragrance is well-suited for the warm season due to its transparent quality with light feelings. It is also recommended for winter, as it provides a comforting embrace akin to a cosy cardigan that surrounds you warmly.

The Note Blend

  • Top Notes

A captivating blend of saffron and jasmine unwinds to create an aromatic prelude that instantly mesmerises the senses.

  • Heart Notes

At the heart of this beloved fragrance lies a seamless marriage of cedarwood and ambergris, bestowing us with lasting warmth and profound depth.

  • Base Notes

The aroma dries down with a sublime fusion of amber wood and musk, delicately into the skin layer like a loving memory.

The Smell of Baccarat Rouge 540

The perfume exudes a clean, universally cherished floral aroma that is crafted artistically by perfumery experts. Baccarat Rouge respects no borders of gender and is loved by all equally. It is a love affair that begins just at the first encounter. Its opening is vibrant, luminous and sweet, with a subtle citrus undertone. The sweetness it carries reminds one of a toasted candy or sugar dissolving in water on a stove. Along with this sweetness, saltiness unwinds, encapsulating the aroma. The heart notes might take you to the clean environment of the hospital, but just for a moment. Lastly, the symphony of base notes is characterised by woody, smoky and spicy elements. Eventually, Baccarat Rouge gets absorbed in your skin’s top layer and takes you to experience a fantastic olfactory journey.

The Cost

Baccarat Rouge is a little expensive because of its purity and essence. The raw materials used in crafting this perfume are the finest and are found rarely. The world-class brand name Mansion also adds to its cost. At Scent Samplers a 5 ml sample costs £15.85, and a 10 ml sample costs £31.30.


The fragrance is presented in a cube-like bottle, elegantly enclosed in a substantial box. The box is then carefully enveloped in a white card box. The bottle has a golden cap with a Monogram emblem on its top. Baccarat Rouge 540 bottle has a ruby red label with a golden touch. The liquid inside the bottle looks like a red chandelier.


Baccarat Rouge has a good enough staying time and remains with you for nearly 10-12 hours. It is exceptional and a solution to all problems associated with longevity and reapplication. What truly sets this perfume apart is its impulsive strength and endurance. Time does not harm its essence; it smells young for as long as it stays. The morning spritz would be saying good evening to you with the same charm.

Final Word!

Baccarat Rouge 540 embodies a distinct sense of sensuality that makes it stand out in the world of fragrances. Its unique charm has earned it a devoted following within a fragrance community. The perfume exudes an airy, transparent freshness equally loved by men and women. One of the longest-lasting smells that envelops you in a captivating aura. Visit Scent Samplers and experience the magical perfume available in various sample sizes from 2 ml to 15 ml.

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