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Experiencing the Best of Creed: A Review of the Top Five Perfumes

Overview of The House of Creed

The House of Creed is an exceptional niche fragrance brand. Its origins trace back to 1760 when James Henry Creed established it in London. Since then, Creed fragrances have consistently ranked among the best-selling, most sought-after and popular choices.Creed’s fragrances have served notable personalities like Beckhams, Michelle Obama, and Napoleon and his wife, adding a lot to its modern-day prestige. 

Established in Mayfair in 1760, Creed began its journey as a tailoring house on Conduit Street, specialising in equestrian clothing and leather products. The brand then moved to Paris in 1894. According to The House of Creed, they used fragrance to imbue leather goods like gloves and custom blends to serve Napoleon and Queen Victoria.

During the 1970s, the brand evolved into a full-fledged commercial fragrance house, drawing extensively from its origin in tailoring and prestigious royal associations. The launch of Aventus in 2010 played a role in firmly establishing Creed’s prominence within the fragrance industry.


The House of Creed Today

Creed continues to exist as an exclusive fragrance mansion under private ownership. The legacy of this business has transcended over centuries, spanning an impressive lineage of over seven generations. Creed still retains its reputation for the practice of sourcing rarely-found ingredients from around the globe. A few examples of these notes encompass Asian Tonkin rice, Italian orange zest and Spanish Jasmine. Every ingredient employed in Creed’s fragrance is derived from natural sources, deliberately avoiding synthetic elements. Creed focuses on quality and maintains a philosophy of limited production. These attributes have made Creed win royal clients, including emperors and queens, from Austria to Spain.


The Usefulness of Perfume Reviews

You often fall for a fragrance in everyday life but cannot find it or try it in the immediate future. The reasons may be availability type or budgetary. Thanks to media and digital marketing, the reviews of various perfumes are available and are just one click away. Though the scent from the internet review cannot be sensed or smelled,  its aura is translated into the words by the reviewer, and then the reader interested in the perfume reconstructs the thought into his senses. People who take others’ experiences seriously find a lot from a review. 


Top Five Creed Perfumes


Creed Aventus

An epitome of sophistication,Creed Aventus stands as a magnificent masterpiece, radiating energy and liveliness via its captivating fusion of elements. It is absolutely one of Creed’s best-selling products. Launched in 2010, it became the most sought-after perfume immediately. Try Aventus samples available at Scent Samplers.

Reveal an initial explosion of zesty bergamot and juicy blackcurrant with its top note, laying the foundation for an electrifying sensory journey. Creed Aventus lets you experience an aromatic blend of rose, jasmine and patchouli, a scent statement of elegance. With base notes, immerse yourself in the enduring essence of oakmoss and vanilla as they create a lingering path of irresistible charm.

Irish Tweed

Launched in 1985, it is another popular choice among consumers from The House of Creed, a woody fresh fragrance inspired by countryside estates blushing lush green and Creed’s equestrian tailoring. Irish Tweed is a woody floral musk fragrance. Considered by many a timeless scent, Creed Irish Tweed sparkles and revitalises with its lovely fusion of zesty lemon, verbena and iris. It has a base of sandalwood and ambergris.

Virgin Island

Virgin Island is the ultimate olfactory journey that emanates effervescence and vitality through its dynamic blend of exotic fruits, comfroting coconut and rich rum. The fragrance was launched in 2007. A sailing trip near Ginger Island in the Caribbean inspired its preparation. This unisex fragrance commemorates the beauty of tropical paradises and the allure of exotic aromas.

The top notes are coconut, Sicilian bergamot and lime; the middle notes are ylang-ylang, and Indian jasmine; the base notes are sandalwood, musk and sugarcane. 

Silver Mountain Water

Drawing inspiration from the exhilarating sensation of being atop a mountain, enveloped by clear blue skies and breathing in crisp, icy air. A fragrance of utmost freshness, Silver Mountain Water could be envisioned as the minimalist counterpart to the assertive Aventus, providing a genuinely joyful experience.

The top notes are of zesty bergamot and blackcurrant, followed by fresh galbanum blended with the sweetness of orange. The base has sandalwood and musk. If you are looking for an incredible, fresh, light and long-lasting scent, go for it. 

Millesime Imperial

The fragrance is another addition to the unisex collection of Creed. Millesime Imperial exudes a tropical, beachy vibe. Radiating freshness with style and sophistication, this fragrance is a symphony of citrus with bergamot, fruity blackcurrant and violet leaves. The blend achieves a flawless equilibrium of cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk. From day to night, this timeless scent effortlessly exudes freshness. While it is recognised as a summer fragrance, feel free to wear it on chilly winter days. 

Ending Notes

Creed fragrances stand out in terms of quality, composition, and scent samplers. They persist in utilising the infusion technique, a method adopted in the 18th century. Moreover, Creed remains committed to using natural ingredients. In the world of perfumery, where synthetic alternatives for everything are employed, Creed sets itself apart by relying more on nature. Their dedication to crafting unique scent samplers showcases their commitment to offering an exceptional olfactory experience.

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