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Scent Samplers Disclaimer: Scent Samplers operates independently and is not in any way affiliated with, endorsed by, or engaged in a partnership with any of the fragrance brands featured on this website. All products available on our platform have been re-bottled by Scent Samplers to offer a distinct and unique olfactory experience.
Scent Adventures Await: Dive into Uncharted Fragrance Territories with Scent Samplers

Perfumes will always have a special place in your daily life and your heart. These aromatic blends are not for mere memory recall; they provide empowerment, uplift mood, amplify beauty, and boost confidence each time they grace your skin. Yet, the art of perfumery lies in making perfect choices from among brands and perfumes.


Creed Aventus - Royal but not Imposing

Creed is a fragrance house you must consider because people have trusted it for years. The most popular fragrance line of Creed is Aventus. Aventus by Creed is said to be inspired by the captivating life of a remarkable historic emperor who waged war, settled for peace on his terms, and embraced power on horseback. The scent is crafted predominantly by Erwin Creed, the seventh-generation owner of the Creed dynasty, with creative input from his father. Their approach vested in traditional artisanal techniques that have been integral to this brand’s legacy since 1760.

 According to Luckyscent, Aventus Eau de Parfum and Aventus cologne have a note palette rich in black currant, bergamot, apple, pineapple, rose, birch, jasmine, patchouli, musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla.

Aventus opens with an explosion of crispy, zesty and fresh bergamot, followed by the luscious sweetness of pineapple and a hint of black currant. The primary bouquet is an incredible and luminous blend of refreshing and crispy notes of bergamot infused with the juicy allure of pineapple. Middle notes of birch, Moroccan Jasmine, patchouli and rose blend with must, oak moss, Vanilla and ambergris base notes. Usually, fruity smells are associated with women, but Aventus is equally a remarkable choice for men for all special occasions.


Ombre Leather by Tom Ford - The Texan Cowboy Boots

Inspired by his Texan upbringing, fashion-designer-turned-perfumer Tom Ford returns to his roots to craft a nostalgic journey with Ombre Leather. This aromatic blend pushes you to close your eyes and picture sunbaked, arid landscapes, weathered leather saddles, and the exhilaration of rodeos.

Ombre Leather begins its fragrance journey with the alluring blend of warm, spiced sweetness from cardamom and then harmonising with the captivating white floral nuances of jasmine sambac - a luxurious tone of Tom Ford fragrances. It is actually the base note where things get lavish and admirable. Let Scent Samplers introduce you to Tom Ford’s signature black leather accord. This remarkable woody leather aroma feels seductive and sophisticated at a time, followed by a woody patchouli note. The base provides warmth and depth with white moss and amber.

Ombre leather can be best compared to leather, a scent of cowboy boots or a luxury leather goods shop. This unisex scent is designed to appeal to everyone, irrespective of gender, and its smell lasts nearly six hours. Those who love the smell of fresh leather will find Ombre Leather perfect.


Delina by Parfums de Marley - Turkish Rose Petals

Delina is a best-seller and one of the most romantic floral fragrances. Presenting a modern take on floral scents, the Deline perfume stands as a flagship in Parfum de Marley’s collection. The scent is inspired by the style and elegance of the 18th-century French court, a heritage that aligns with the fragrance’s lavish essence and intricate design. 

Deline perfume is a charming floral scent with a modern touch. To begin with, Deline has a burst of freshness due to the blossoming tone of lychee, the sun-kissed citrus tones of bergamot and the tangy allure of rhubarb. To temper this vibrant symphony, nutmeg is sprinkled delicately to give warmth. The heart of fragrance unfolds when Turkish rose petals take centre stage, exuding a luxurious, velvety and profoundly romantic essence that anchors the blend. Harmonising with roses is the lily of the valley, which completes the bouquet. Here joins a sweet, sensual vanilla accord to welcome the base. As Delina graces your skin, soft white musk, cashmeran and vetiver combine to give off a woody aroma that envelops you in a comforting aura.

Deline is considered a perfume for women because of its floral tones, rich in roses. Deline can be your next favourite pick if you are a rose lover. This rosy adventure lasts longer than other floral fragrances.


Reflection Man by Amouage - Florals for Men

In a world of perfumery where a lack of creativity and imitation are common, the house of Amouage shines as a distinct exception. Launched during an era when floral scents were not really embraced by men as they are today, Amouage’s Reflection Man pioneered a novel realm within men’s perfumery. The innovation redefined the fragrance genre and challenged the gender limitations of olfactory identity. Reflection Man continues to be one of the most sought-after international fragrances.  

The scent encompasses a harmonious interplay of floral, fresh and woody notes. It unveils a novel trajectory while retaining the essence of a classical masculine foundation. To begin with, the solid and aromatic notes of rosemary, petitgrain, soft pepper and jasmine exude a floral aroma. The heart notes include orris, jasmine and ylang-ylang followed by woody base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli.


Ending Note

Presented above are just a few uncharted fragrances for you to discover at Scent Samplers. From brands to perfumes, Scent Samplers offers you a diverse collection of fragrances. Visit us and let the scent adventure begin. 


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