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The Allure of Oud Perfume in the UK

In a world of fragrances, art and science combine to create sensory adventures that people take on their olfactory journeys. The note blends take you back in time so you can relive a cherished memory, or they evoke a particular emotion close to your heart. Each scent tells a unique story that leaves a lasting impression on those surrounded by the fragrance. Among various smells, Oud stands tall due to its rich history and charm. This blog explores the Oud journey from history to current popularity.

Oud - The History

The captivating history of Oud perfume mirrors the allure of its aroma. Also called black gold in the Middle East, Oud is derived from the agarwood extracted from the precious resin-rich wood of the Aquileia tree. In ancient times, oud was associated with religious affairs and rituals. It was a component used in perfumery as well as medicine. From being highly popular in the Islamic world among Arabs especially, Oud is not gaining much hype in Western perfumery. The perfumers of the West are highly excited to add Oud to their fragrances. With rising demands, Oud’s supply is at a critical stage. Its enigmatic allure has taken over in the UK, and it is widely used in the note palettes of perfumes. The need of the hour is to conserve and preserve the wild trees that were the abundant sources of Oud in the past.

What Exactly is Oud?

Do you have a fragrance in your wardrobe that is as expensive as gold? If yes, then it must be Oud, the agarwood. The extraordinary aroma of Oud is said to have been spreading magic for ages in the Arab world. After making the olfactory experiences unforgettable in the Middle East, Oud is now in the limelight in Western culture. 

Oud is not a fragrance but another name of elegance. Its aromatic essence comes from the core of aquilaria trees and is ranked as a highly costly raw material. Oud takes time to mature and be used to craft a perfume. Along with the specific period, some environmental conditions are necessary for its production. What happens is that a fungus (mould) infects the said tree resulting in a reaction that creates resins, which slowly turn into agarwood. 

The Smell of Oud 

The exact description of scent varies depending on the species of Aquilaria tree, but what is shared among all is that they smell sweet initially, then exude a woody aroma with smokiness. During the first encounter with Oud perfume, you feel like you have never smelled anything like this. Oud is a distinctive scent known for its allure and elegance. Its woody notes spread an earthy and sweet aroma that smells like leather. It feels like the smell of the damp soil after the rain and is strong enough to draw attention. The fragrance is believed to possess properties that enhance its mystique and desirability. 

Significance Of Oud

The fact that Oud is sourced through the extracts of Aquilaria wood which is rare, and only 1 among 10 trees is infected by the desired fungus to produce Oud, makes it an exceptional and highly sought-after ingredient in perfumery. In the Arab world, Oud has become something close to Arabs’ hearts due to its associations with religion and spirituality. The Islamic culture has given Oud prime importance over time and is used for multiple reasons. From being a fragrance to having a spiritual and medicinal significance, Oud has never gone out of fashion and taken on a new journey of establishing itself in the West. 

Best of Oud in the UK

During the last few years, Oud has become one of the unique ingredients in UK perfumery. Various brands have started crafting their fragrances by using the essence of Oud; contact Scent Samplers  to order Oud samples. Here are a few examples of the best Oud fragrances in the UK

Oud has a special spot in the world of fragrances, particularly among woody perfumes. The symphony produces a masterpiece when combined with others, like citrus vanilla, patchouli or musk. 

  • Creed Royal Oud 
  • Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir
  • Oud For Greatness  by Initio Parfums
  • Byredo  Oud Immortal
  • Maison Francis Kurkdijan Oud Satin Mood
  • Tom Ford Oud Wood

Final Word!

Oud perfumes have a rich history and mysterious desire that leaves one lost in the realm of fragrances. Its significance is enhanced by combining its traditional essence with modern-styled aromas when blended with other ingredients. Visit our Oud collection at Scent Samplers  to experience the magic.

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